Lathe Chucks & Faceplates

Toolmex 8" / 200mm 4 jaw independent lathe chuck in new unused condition very light tarnishing as this is new old stock.

No backplate          @ £225.00

Available fitted to backplate for Wadkin RS patternmakers lathe   @  £395.00


Available fitted to Wadkin BZL woodturning lathe backplate          @  £395.00


 6.25" / 160mm 3 jaw self centering lathe chuck in used condition with some light marks from previous use. Complete with inside and outside jaws + chuck key.

Available fitted to;

Wadkin RS 1" 3/8 x 6 tpi cast steel backplate        @£395.00


Wadkin BZL woodturning lathe 6" 3 jaw chuck       @ £395.00               SOLD


Wadkin RS woodturning lathe new 5"x 3 jaw chuck with both sets

of jaws and chuck Key                                        @ £365.00



Wadkin RS lathe faceplate tap, this tap has the same thread as that found on the inboard spindle thread of the Wadkin RS lathe and Wadkin BZL, it is ideal for cleaning the threads on an existing faceplate or to make your own wooden faceplates. This is a used and rare item £75.00 

Pratt 6" independent 4 jaw chuck in excellent rarely used condition with chuck key, available with backplate to fit 1" 1/8 x 12 tpi Myford ML7 etc or 1" x 12 tpi Myford "M" type/ Drummond 3.5" @ £275.00


Union Graduate lathe 3 jaw x 4" chuck                                              £135.00                                                                                                                 

Burnerd 3"1/4/ 82mm 3 jaw lathe chuck in used condition with chuck key and inside jaws only .

Fits the Myford ML8, Myford "M" type & Drummond 3.5" or any lathe with a 1"x12tpi nose thread.    £135.00                                                    SOLD

Myford ML8 4" 4 jaw independent lathe chuck in used condition with chuck key. Ideal for holding round square or offset work. Fitted to backplate with 1"x 12tpi thread which fits the Myford ML8 wood turning lathe, Drummond 3.5" and Myford "M" type. £105.00   SOLD

Myford ML8/ "M" type Drummond 3.25" self centreing lathe chuck in good used condition with chuck key. Inside jaws only.



Myford ML8 pair of 6" faceplates to fit either side of the headstock.

1- r/h thread 

1- l/h thread

used £60.00 pair

Myford ML8 6" L/h thread lathe faceplate .

Used £30.00

Indexa Bison 80mm 3 jaw plain back lathe chuck . new unused with chuck key and inside jaws only . New old stock with slight tarnishing.



If you cannot see what you are looking for in the listings please give us a call on 01227 472203 as we may be able to help as our stock changes all the time. 

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