ROCKSTEADY WORKHORSE                £89.95

intro to the rock steady     

 Carpenters and Craftsman have used workhorses for centuries they are as useful now as they were then. The main difference between a workhorse and a portable work bench such as a Black and Decker Workmate is that with the workhorse you use your knee and body weight to stabilize the work. Where as with a portable work bench it uses it's own weight, this means they are not light to carry and are generally not designed to be stood on.

ROCK STEADY WORKHORSE (Standard Version)      

This product has been developed by us and has become an indispensable item for the workshop, on site fitter, carpenter, builder or decorator. Its splayed leg design give it incredible strength and stability but is surprisingly light weight, it is ideal for standing on when carrying out jobs such as fitting wall cabinets or working at ceiling height. It has a non slip textured top and rubber feet. A pair can be used together with a board to make a work platform when decorating. Two can be stacked together for storage or to increase height.



ROCKSTEADY CRAFTSMAN               £149.95


(Craftsman Version)

As above but with our own unique 3 way clamping system. This allows work to be clamped, flat to the top, between jaws or will hold panels or doors on edge while fitting locks or hinges. It is made of exterior grade multicor ply & steel with a tough phenolic resin finish. 550mm Long. 220mm Wide. 460mm High.

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